Artificial Intelligence builds videogames from scratch

I’ve had a growing interest in the games industry recently, although I’m going towards animation, it seems that the games industry is incredibly tied in with both film and animation. This article however took me by a bit of a surprise with the title.

I had actually noticed it via Twitter in which someone had retweeted this one article about a computer that is pretty much building games from scratch with no human aid.

Here’s the beginning of the article,
Angelina (a tail-recursive acronym for “A Novel Game-Evolving Labrat I’ve Named ANGELINA”) is a project in evolutionary computing by Michael Cook, a PhD candidate at Imperial College in the UK. Angelina generates computer games from scratch. It arrives at a final product by breaking down the important elements of a game into sub-tasks called “species,” which together form a whole game. While auto-generating portions of videogames is nothing new to the medium, Angelina expands on the concept to almost fully-automate game development.”

It just asks the question of whether or not gaming has come to the point in which it no longer matters about the content, but it revolves around whether or not the games addictive/gameplay is of a repetative nature.


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