Work Experience

I’ve been trying my best recently to get everything going and get on with the work I have, but whilst all that has all been going on, I’ve been able to email some great people I’ve met as well as various companies I’ve been growing incredibly fond of.
Luckily from Bradford Animation Festival, as well as the amazing animators and people there, I was able to meet Martin Mayer, C#, Java and Flash/Flex/AS3 developer at Playdemic. After talking for a while about animation and about his own personal work, I’d found out about him working at Playdemic and since he’s been so kind as to talk to the Office Manager and I’ve been able to get a weeks placement there!

Playdemic is a fairly new and small games company, set up by Paul Gouge, which is the developer of one of the biggest Facebook games Gourmet Ranch. It’s really interesting to see their perspective on gaming as well as how they develop and create them. Here’s a link to thier website in which you can follow their Twitter and of course Facebook pages.

I’ll be shadowing and just getting a grasp of a fairly small games company for the week in Manchester this easter holiday.
I’m really excited to get the opportunity to really see people at work again and experience all the different areas that a company has within it. It’ll be the end of this month once I really get to see how that goes but I am greatful for the help I’ve had even for an opportunity like this.

Martin actually creates music as his personal work, composing work for independent directors and short film projects. Here’s a link to his account below,


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