DistantFuture talk

We had a great talk last month by Steve and Bill from Distant Future Animation Studios who are actually from Bradford. It’s great to see a company such as there’s so close to home, with the idea that you have to move far or to a major city to get any work, it’s a bit upsetting to think that the industry is in such a situation that you can’t get work unless to move far.

They had some great tips and advice talking about themselves and the company. It was nice to see a small company take out some time to speak to us students in a situation where they’re having to say all their own past mistakes for our benefit.
It was quite clear for us to really start focusing on where we want to go and do now, we need to start setting out what we’re good at and what we’re bad at. It’s not bad to know our own strengths and weaknesses.

The main thing I keep on hearing from speakers, visits and general emails with people in the industry is one word, work.

Work work work work and don’t stop.


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