Exhibitions… engage!

I’ve been trying to get out as much as possible with festivals, meetings and exhibitions. One specific exhibition I had attended with Sacha was the Feast exhibition were we met up with Matt Saunders who was in the exhibition, and quite a lot of it may I add. It was a good afternoon full of events as we had just visited the ‘Mates’ exhibition just before hand. It was interesting to see the method that illustrators present their work and organise and display these events. It was nice to also see some of Amy’s work who I have previously talked too on Twitter, sadly she wasn’t able to make the event. It was really good fun and was hosted at Munroe House, with myself, Sacha and Matt moving to Colours May Vary quite a lot to chat, chill and have a good look around. The exhibition space was great and links to a cafe that I’m sure everyone around Leeds Art College and Leeds University know of.

For those who haven’t been over to ‘Colours May Vary’, it is a lovely little shop based in Munroe House and they house a brilliant collection of design books and journals, contemporary gifts, prints, cards & wrapping. You must check this place out even for a visit as it has some great and inspiring imagery work and is just a good place to stop by.

Here’s some pictures from the Feast exhibitions I took on my phone,





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