A little while ago now, I had the pleasure of being asked by Annabeth if I wanted to get involved in a project set by the BBC. Of course I didn’t hesitate to say yes to this and from their she had set up a small group of people and we began to develop some very simple ideas and create some content. I had yet to have worked with a small team of people outside of the course, creating this sort of content, so it was interesting to work with others in that aspect.

It was good fun but very short, I had been able to test out some animating ideas through this small task though and it was interesting to be able to work with someone from the BBC. Here are some of the short stings that I had created for the BBC program that was being created as a pilot episode for a new program. The idea of these sings where to be placed in between certain parts as a break for each section. I created the first two on my own using Photoshop but then helped Abi create the third one as we both worked on the idea and I had helped her animate the run.


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