Oliver Jeffers

Whilst walking around the city center not too long ago, I had noticed within Waterstones, a certain artist and writer that I knew Sacha loved very much and thought it would be a perfect break and general day out for her. Trying to keep it a secret as long as I could, I had told Sacha about Oliver Jeffers book signing at Waterstones Leeds. She was of course over the moon and had straight away told Lydia who also loved his work.

We had attended the book signing that day and sadly only had a short talk with Oliver Jeffers but it was great to meet such a talented man. I had only really heard about his work when one of his books ‘Lost and Found’ was made into an animation not too long ago. Since then I’ve really loved his style and approach to illustration that includes a very hand drawn and child like feel which really appeals to me. Something similar to Scott C, both their use of colour and line are things I keep trying to think of within my own work.



From events like these, I keep seeing the importance of getting out and keeping up to date with events and artists. With realising this, I’ve been very busy recently trying to simply get out and meet as many different and nice people out their in the creative industry. This also comes back to the many hours I have now spent working Creative Network nights at the College meeting and listening to many various creatives throughout the years. It’s become very clear to me that no matter where you are, student or not, it’s the determination, confidence and general nice attitude that gets you through the tough journey to becoming a creative.


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