Life after graduation

This evening I had gone onto Skwigly’s Animation chat room which was set up by Skwigly’s Steve Henderson just as a means for some of us to chat amongst ourselves on all things animation and general.

It wasn’t a very long chat but it was interesting to hear what everyone was up to, people’s thoughts on living, work and general things around being a creative in animation. I had chosen this as a great time to start asking about some of the points I’ve been worrying about as I am graduating very soon and in short, what to do. I got some great advice and some really good feedback on general stuff with a nice chat, but one gentlemen in particular cleared up a big part of my questions.

Elliot Cowan is an animator and illustrator who use to draw in Australia, then London and now the big apple, New York. He is a lecturer and animator and had sent me a very good link to a blog post he had written for his graduates who had kept coming back to him about what the heck they do after graduating. Some of the points don’t of course specifically apply to myself as I am sadly not anywhere near California and he did confirm how hard it is to get into America!
But non the less, these are great points to think about and utilise and questions I had asked myself many a time before that I think I feel that little bit better about.


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