Ian Mackinnon in Manchester

Not too long ago myself and Sacha got wind of a certain brilliant creative giving a talk in Manchester at the MediaCityUK area, from a good friend of ours Ellie Ragdale.

It was great fun heading over to Manchester MediaCityUK which I had not actually known about until the trip which I feel very ashamed of. For those who don’t know MediaCityUK within Manchester is the host of one of the BBC studios which hoses some of their studios which record some of BBC’s most favourite TV programs.

Such as Doctor Who at times!


It was a really good short talk by Ian Mackinnon and another animator named Max Hattler. It was really interesting to hear about Ian’ back history and some of the tips and stories he had to tell. I’ve always been interested in Mackinnon and Saunders since I had heard about them a few years ago at Bradford Animation Festival. I had previously tried to see if I could visit or even talk to people at Mackinnon and Saunders but it’s been very difficult because of how much they do and how busy they are. So this was a big surprise and exciting to hear we could meet and learn more about this side of animation and the creative industry.

After the talk I was able to get a close look at the models that Ian had brought it. He mainly brought in work from Frankanweenie and talked about the process and back history of both his work and Mackinnon and Saunders. Having done his talk I was able to catch him for a short chat and feedback on my showreel as well as some of the final major project work I had started on. He was able to give me some great feedback and was really nice about my work, it was fun to get a bit of travelling around Manchester done as well as all the animation meeting fun. From the feedback Ian was able to give me, I’ve been able to sort out some of my final major project as well as my own professional practice. I took some notes over the talk within my sketchbook which I’ve scanned in below.



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