Reference Observation Reference Observation

The one thing that I’ve really missed from this project is the amount of reference I could have used to create some of the animations. I found a few pieces of reference on good old YouTube and had already captured one or two pieces. I did get to re-use a lot of footage and the majority of the reference and observation I used was either acted out by myself whilst animating.

Useful reference,


Of course there are masters of the art of reference and observation and non other than looking at the classic reference and observation footage of Disney’s classic films.

It’s clear that they knew how to utilize the reference that they could capture and watch and that this was a key point to animating. Something I must develop in my own time is looking at developing my own drawing skills and observation skills. This development of skill will be coming about from more outings and going to travel around to try to understanding and learn about movement. Something exciting to add to this is that I didn’t realise until Sacha had found out with myself and her younger sister about being able to get a ticket that allows you on the platform for only 20p. This could be quite useful in the future in the ability to use it as a means to get reference and study more movement as well as developing my drawing skills.


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