Post Production

I got busy doing some post production from the files I had and started working the backgrounds and character animations within After Effects. I started just putting the separate image sequences into After Effects where I could then use the alpha channelled image sequences, putting them in at 24 fps and putting the background in.


At first I had put the colour and outlines within one image sequence and then put them into after effects with the background, but then there was a mutual decision to change the outline colour. At first I was going to keep the line colour blue in order to try to capture that hand drawn and rough feel that I like about the blue lined test in animations. This however looked unfinished to a lot of people, so myself and Hannah tested out some new colour lines and I decided to go back into the dark maroon colour we once had for the characters. This was easy to do of course because we already had them in separate layers and I could copy and paste the ‘effect’ onto the other layers.

Because of this and the frame cropping, I felt it would be easier to do all the shots within After Effects and edit it all together within Final Cut Pro. This of course was a bad idea with the size of the image sequences and the whole act 1 all together. Apart from Act 1 I began to change the layout of the shots and I have split up the After Effects files and only do any actual editing within Final Cut Pro.


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