OCD files

Because I’ve simply just been animating away, I haven’t really had much chance to do anything else apart from organise the team, getting all the separate pieces of work and animate away on Photoshop. So I’ve been very careful with my files within this project with so many people as well as having so much work. I needed to make sure that I knew where everything is and what everything is, this would also help in the editing and post production work.


Above is a screenshot of just one of the folders within my project file, looking at one of the acts and then the separate parts within that one-act. Each shot is separated into one Photoshop file, similar to the layout within the storyboard, and coloured and animated within that one file to then have them come together in editing. This has made it a lot easier to play with the shots and make any changes necessary, it’s also been a lot easier to pass files to other team mates such as Sacha who has had to colour in the shots. Each shot within the act has its own separate number and name depending on where it fits and what is going on within the shot, and then when I export them they also have a separate folder for outline and colour. The reason for the two separate folders was at first for the change in line colour I had mentioned in an earlier post, but now it’s become a useful part of the editing process and I can later play with the colours and lighting of the characters a little bit more.

It was very important for me to have everything ready, organised and labelled within this project from the start and that goes from my folders, to the actual files themselves. When we started working within Photoshop I had asked the entire team to work on separate layers, so we could play with the depth and multiple layer effects, and make sure everything is labelled accordingly. It was a little slow to start but in the end we became very good at understanding each others habits with the files and using correcting naming orders. It became a lot more easier and more efficient when everything was clear and starting to come together.



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