Final Crit

We had our final crit last week and it was great but also incredibly scary at the same time, although it was with just our other class mates it was scary to hear what they had to say. It was interesting to see how the other course mates would react to the work because no one had yet to fully see the work and it was good to know what they think about the style, composition and narrative.

Interestingly the feedback was good and it was great to see the whole course interested in each others work, taking the time to read each others briefs and really analysing the work. The whole course year feels as though it’s stepped up an entire level and was really exciting for me to see everyone elses work as well. But in terms of my feedback it was interesting to see what everyone would think as they have their own specialities even within our course, so it was good to see it from various perspectives.



Above is the sheet I had used for my feedback which I have scanned in with some good points to consider and change. I think the main issue with the timing of this presentation is that I have a larger project that I had anticipated so the animation isn’t all there. I know now that the animation will not be finished for the hand in, but I will be working on it for festivals and end of year show which will mean I want it finished by the end of this month.
I’ve come to be a little bit more relaxed with the whole thing since the presentation and know that what I have done hasn’t gone to waste, this is not just for the animation itself but all the research and time I’ve taken to build up all the work. The next thing to do with this is to take all this feedback, make some changes to the work I have so far and then finish the rest of the animation.


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