The fallen dragon

This is the story of a dragon that was once going to be in the animated short, but alas sadly the dragon didn’t make the cut.

I had originally wanted a dragon to be involved in the animation, which would be Toby’s change in character and final obstacle within the lava filled aisle of doom. The dragon’s actual background story was at first a security guard or shop assistant who was looking for the children and was then beaten, in a variety of different ideas, by the kids and show Toby’s strength come through at the end of the story. When looking over the timing of the animation as well as the story, in the end it didn’t feel as though the dragon brought much to the story, nor did it have the impact I was hoping for with the story arc.

From the feedback given I decided to cut off the dragon even though I did draw out its storyboard and he was an idea that came from the start of all the ideas, it didn’t have the impact or bring anything extra to the story which I wanted. In my original idea the dragon was going to appear at the end when storming the castle in which it was an old lady near the entrance of the store, but then it turned towards a more fearsome male officer.


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