The Aesthetics of Game Art & Design

I am well aware that yes I am creating an animation, but once again the course title prevails and there is a common ground of learning in design and process that runs alongside my animation.

The blog has a very interesting and insightful look at the conceptual use of shape and colour as well as what is needed to have good character and game design.

It covers similar areas that I had tried to cover within my own colour and shape sheets and use of these as a way to get the audience to possibly feel differently throughout the animation. It feels as though I am aiming the animation to be more of a colour, shape and perception journey than more of a literal ‘see what happens and respond’ sort of project. The article touches on some very specific points around this design area and has some very good comments on the use of this emotional attachment to creative work and to me this can apply whether it’s for a game or whether it’s for an animation. The same design theory and application of this can be done within transmedia. It’s a very interesting and thought-provoking article in which I regretted not paying more attention to this sort of design and theory earlier rather than trying to understand and put it all into this short animated film.


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