These YouTube videos are of some of the tests that I had done from the start before going into the more finalised animation in order to get a feel for animating within Photoshop as well as looking at the style and approach within the final animated short. I began by trying to make sure I could understand how the characters would move and feel and if that worked with their design and shape. As I felt that was right I could then move on to more technical issues of playing with animating in Photoshop as well as other extra details.

It was a lot more tricky to start off animating within Photoshop than I had originally planned with file types, frame rates and actual frame issues. It was fun though to learn and teach various people a software that is so familiar but look completely new once you find out about things like the Timeline. We had decided to start off with the canvas size most similar to 1920 x 1080 with a similar frame rate to 24 as there sadly wasn’t anything at 24 fps it was the closest possible after that which was 25 fps. If you choose the HD canvas size then the frame rate is at 30 fps and if you are to edit anything within that document in terms of frames it would be too fast. If you where to edit the frame rate within that document, for some reason it would still not work properly, so it was easier to make sure the fps is correct and then edit the document size with the right dpi.

Again all these videos are unlisted on my YouTube account and should hopefully only appear here on my blog.

All the animating within this project has been focused on being done within Photoshop apart from the odd shot or the backgrounds which have been animated within After Effects. It was fun and interesting to learn to animate within Photoshop although there is a lack of online tutorials or help with animating within it in the style and process that I have been teaching myself. I decided to approach the software as if it was paper once again and utilised its technological aspects but again really trying to sell the hand drawn approach.
Hopefully in the near future I will be creating my own tutorial on how I animate within Photoshop from my own experiences and approaches. What I didn’t realise however was how useful Photoshop really is and how much it can do in terms of animating within it, as it works so well with After Effects and of course other Adobe software.

Here’s an example of one of the Photoshop Timeline’s for a scene within Act 1 of the animation.
It can get a bit messy and crazy but we’ve all learnt so much about Photoshop and learnt various useful tips and tricks that have sped up the process and act of animating, colouring or general editing.


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