Make It then Tell Everybody

I was told about this lovely little website called ‘Make It then Tell Everybody’ which holds a small catalogue of great artists and other creatives and lets them talk through some of their experiences, advice and other bits and bobs within a creative lifestyle.

It’s nice to listen to other creatives discuss their past, their failures and triumphs and it’s always good to try to learn and expand on those experiences that they have had in the past. I always want to know how those artists that you come to adore and love their work of, get to where they are today and what them choose the path they had taken. This always comes down to wanting to know the artist more than the artwork they create and maybe this is my nosey side of me coming out, however it’s always interesting and fun to get to know someone and understand their thought process than simply only like to look at their work. The podcasts house talks from a variety of people with talks focused around subjects from ego to process.


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