Best ideas, different places

A lot of the time it seems that I work best when I am not meant to be working, or at least I seem to think about more areas around my animation when I was out, eating or doing other tasks. Below is some images of when I was out eating with my family and I was wondering if I could draw what Jade had helped me design as well as being able to think of a name for the animation and work out other areas.

I was only able to think about different names and see whether or not I could be quite playful or if I would have to be fairly blunt with the title of the animation. I was thinking of what the title must include or what it could have connotations of, I went as far as to think of Chinese words that relate to the list I had written to see if I could be playful with the words and cross link them with English. I wanted the title to be short and snappy but still didn’t feel right about any title. Non the less I worked from them as ideas and starting points thinking of the most extremes of each one to see how far I took take the names before it had before off topic or just wrong. I stuck to thinking about a very English and simple name without having to over complicate it as I think I was just getting a little carried away with the variety.


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