This is a short mention to a few of the main influences that I have come across from the world of animation, that I have tried to learn and play with within my final major project. These of course add to the ones I’ve already mentioned earlier within my blog posts.
This list is formed up of my main influences which seem to mainly come from other students or recent graduates from all around the world. Some of these have become some very close favourites of mine and I have tried to learn from them and see what makes them so exciting and interesting and only hope that I can make my work just as interesting and exciting. There was a moment when doing my work that I felt as though these short films where much more advanced and well done that what I could create and threw me off a little bit with uncertainty. But I realised that you can not amount your skill or compare that to other people you do not know about and understand that people have totally different journeys and help and I should feel lucky on the support and help I’ve had already.

All the works below have been looked at for the idea of developing a well thought out narrative through a variation of art styles, line work and animation approach. I was mainly looking for an experimental or mixture of visual styles and not just looking at their animation practice.

High Water from Ewan Green on Vimeo.

The Reward from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.

The Box from Joshua Durst on Vimeo.

Crater Face from Skyler Page on Vimeo.

Red from Hyunjoo Song on Vimeo.

The Terrible Bandit from Evee Chriszt on Vimeo.


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