Below is the animatic I had put together from all the scans of the separate storyboard images, the animatic is unlisted on YouTube and can only be found through my blog. I first just put them together in Premiere Pro but for some reason when exporting it all out, the images rushed and changed times which is what you see below. Although this occurs I decided to keep the animatic as it still shows the majority of the animation in the correct timing.

premiere pro

Once having created this I passed it on to Danny in order to start developing the sounds and feel roughly. I then could pass it on to the rest of the team for any reference or other work if needed. Some bits from the animatic have again been edited, or shots have been changed slightly from the original storyboard. It was a good starting point to the animation that I was glad to get done which was a starting sign for me as I’m now quite use to creating them.


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