Animated Influences

Of course there were many more influences within my work from other animations out there in the world as well as ones that have appeared in festivals, blogs and other recommendations. This next set of animations now fall under the more professional category with people creating the work having had more experience or work within a well established animation company. With in the animations, I am again looking out for the same signs in terms of line work, flow of animation, mise en scene and screen direction. These of course should be of a higher standard and the art work and animation itself usually is, however I feel as though the line between professional and graduate is closing with certain pieces and certain work. The level of detail and care is something that cannot be measured by just whether or not you work for someone or not.

Easy – Mat Zo & Porter Robinson (Official Video) from The Line on Vimeo.

The energy within each of these animations is something I value and want to capture within my own work and to understand what that energy is to look at all the points above and get a good firm grip of the film theory as well as knowing how to animate. It was these and many more pieces of animation that have really inspired me to animate and try to reach the level of these people. The story itself comes from both my own imagination and fun times getting lost in various places at the fear of my parents, and the want and passion to simply create something fun with a team of people in which I can play and experiment with animation with ideas I have built up from experiencing these sorts of pieces.


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