Abi’s supermarket art and credit development

Abi’s been hard at work developing the supermarket side of the art work for the short animated film. It was great to see her develop the art work into her style as well as trying to capture something that I had in mind. The backgrounds contrast with the ones that Liam had done for the change in environment and story. It was interesting to hear the feedback from others to see how they would react to the difference in the backgrounds but it worked out well in my mind. The idea of the drastic change in the background leads to the idea that there is a drastic change in our world and that of the imagination. Something as vivid and exciting with the fun changes in shape, size and colour is something that may seem lacking within a more grown up literal view of the world. We tried to not make it too dull though however because we knew that supermarkets in the whole sense need to still attract people and children to buy its goods.

Instead of putting up lots of individual images, I’ve taken a screen shot and placed them into this blog post as a means to discuss the work as well as leaving the majority of blogging of Abi’s work to herself. It was good though to see the development of the work because of how she was able to keep working in phases for me to give my own feedback to make sure the work is heading the way I was wanting.

Once Abi had done the aisle work, she had gone on to finishing off the supermarket by finishing off the credits. It was exciting to see it start to come together with the final credit images and being able to start to put a more finalised image to the whole project. I had to keep the credits in the same style as the supermarket world in order to keep the story together and for continuity. The credits were one of two ideas that we had just come up with when drawing up the storyboard. It seemed to just fit with the story and keep with a little bit of humour and fun that hopefully the rest of the animation holds.

The images show just some of Abi’s design work for this and then the individual items that she had to draw for the credits. The items coincide with the animation and would be items from each aisle that the kids visit on their adventure as well as common shopping items. Each one also has links to the said person in terms of character and personality and the items in some cases where just want the team member wanted. Below is some of the images in development of the credits that we had talked about, which I was then able to show to Abi.


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