Yeti Storyboard

Once we decided on some starting designs for the Yeti, we decided to move on to developing the story and figuring out how the Yeti would be involved in the story. Myself and Hannah sat down and started working through the Yeti scene and decided on what sort of actions and shots would take place. We started by noting down and doodling ideas for shots but again, they mainly just flowed out and where pretty much complete as soon as we come up with the ideas for the shots. Some shots changed as we talked through them but the top three images are the ones we created as notes and then Hannah afterwards went and drew the next three set of images as a more defined and clean image set.

I could then use these to work from and refine the storyboard I have into making an animatic and a more precise storyboard for the team. This was a good starting point to develop the rest of the story as well as understanding the type of shots and movement, we could also see if the animation itself would work and if I had the right idea of cropping and shots. I knew if these worked and people liked these ones then the others shots would work well as well.


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