Yeti Development

I knew that within the project I was going to need help with some part of the animation somehow and that I would be insane to try to animate the entire thing on my own, which in most parts is the case. But I had asked Hannah McCann to help me animate another one of the characters within the animation and because of this I thought I would leave the design process of that character to her as well.
I had asked Hannah to do this because I saw her as the only other 2D animator within the college that I knew with the similar work ethic, approach and understanding of hand drawn animation. I had asked Sacha to also help me animate as I knew she has the same understanding although less experience, however due to her time schedule and own amount of work I thought it would be best not to pressure her with any more work. Within later work and when having the time to develop the animation within our time the roles will be a bit more spread out with Sacha helping me with some other parts of animation.
Back towards the yeti however, the images above are the drawings that I had asked Hannah to create, guiding her with the sort of layout you would expect otherwise as well as trying to explain the process that we have learnt throughout the course. At first I had thought of the Yeti as an old lady that was just shopping at the supermarket, but then the group came up with the idea of making her the fish counter lady. This felt as though it made more sense and fit better with the narrative. Hannah went straight into designing the yeti after giving her a general design style as well as discussing what the character needed to be. We wanted a more edgy and large character compared to the other three characters.


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