Thinking about the press pack & ‘Making of..’ book

I needed to talk to James about the press pack which myself, Liam and James had originally talked about as an extra side part of the project however it seems as though it has grown and also grown within James’ own project. Hopefully the press pack will be finished soon enough but it has been terribly hard to get hold of and get the work from James although once I do it’s very good.

With the press pack though I know that it needed to include the short film, poster/s and we decided on making a ‘making of…’ book. The contents of the book need to be fully outlined and again this will happen when I get hold of James again. What I did know is that I needed to have the process inside the book. This meant the Production, Research & Development, Character work and Background work but I have to make sure that there is not too much of each of these sections and only selected images or parts are used.

Originally I had written down the areas that I felt needed covering the most or had to be included.

But I know that these points need covering or at least need looking in to,
– Initial write-up work, ideas and sketches.
– Treatment.

– Character Design work. – initial
– early development
– development
– almost final
– model

– Background Design work. – pre-visualisation
– tests
– some final images

– Storyboard – 1 early example
– Drawn out on the wall
– Into animatic

– Animating. – Ps and general
– Graphic Development.
– Post Production.


We’ll need to really sit down and look through the content as well as the layout of the work and see how this will turn out but hopefully it will all work out well.


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