Managing a team and how things have changed.

After returning from Animex, some of the talks I had attended as well as some of the one on ones I had with the creatives around Animex at the time, game me some interesting points to reflect and think about when coming back to manage my project. Two speakers in particular raised very valid and interesting points in terms of management and leadership that I had never thought about before. The task of doing so was scary at the start having not done a project so similar before. Wyeth Johnson gave a great talk on leadership and areas within that, allowing us as students and hopeful future animators, directors, artists within their world understand the amount of work and understand what it truly means to lead a team. He was blunt and straight forward but with a great sense of humour and with an honesty that we all needed allowing us to get straight to the point and understand what we may have been missing. Richard Franke again comes up giving me so much time to talk about my work, myself and helping me think about my future as a creative and this project in specifically.

Never before have I had to deal with all these areas within an animation, as well as thinking about the animating. Within this project I have had to organise and deal with a large mixture of peers, colour artwork, Hannah’s Yeti, background artwork and story itself before being able to do any animating myself. It’s been a roller coaster ride in terms of doing so many different things at once as well as trying to develop my own animation skills, but I do understand where each department sits within the production of a short film and where I felt most comfortable being. I did change the way in which I lead the team later on within the project and began to understand what I may have been doing wrong at the start which didn’t allow as smooth of a progression into the animation I had originally hoped.


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