Initial Background design

The majority of the animation background was set to Liam Rushfirth to be done, who is a third year Graphic Design student at Leeds College of Art also. Myself and Liam had already previously worked together in one of his own projects which I had blogged previously and he needed some very simple animations done for two characters that he had created. From that I already knew the level of skill and turn around time within Liam’s work as well as how well he worked, passion and if we would work well together. Luckily for me, Liam is a brilliant illustrator and has lots of great ideas and feedback so it was nice to be able to work with him once again.

Similar to the character design, I’ll be leaving the majority of the images of the background in terms of development and sketches to Liam as that was his area. However within the blog posts I will be doing, I will be focusing on main changes with the background but to do so, here are the first sketches myself and Liam did in our own background meeting whilst discussing the background that I had drawn out which was placed on the wall in the studio in front of us.

It was very useful to have the storyboard on A6 sheets large in front of us so we could work through each frame or image at a time thinking about how many and which backgrounds I needed to ask Liam to create. At first I had to go through each frame standing on the table to explain the direction, content and then the general feel with the colour and shape sheet. There was a few changes to the sheet within the meeting in terms of what shapes to use and what colours there would be. But we drew down what we both had in mind with look of the background from my description and some of the drawings where down to me not being able to describe it as well as me drawing it. I think this is a big part and skill that I will need to develop as I know my written and oral skills are not well-developed.
It was a good time to explain some points to Liam and use the notes for the other members of the team so that they can understand the method of production, screen sizes, camera movements and mise en scene.

Liam then also drew much cleaner versions of the layouts for himself next to me whilst still discussing them so he could have a rough version so that he could get straight into creating the backgrounds. From that a few of us got together and also discussed the layout of the supermarket as Ruth sadly didn’t have the time to help me with the project any longer. The last image looks at how the supermarket in the real world would look compared to the look of the fantasy world which we could then work out the opening title shot that Liam had to draw which would be the largest and most complex. Once we had this rough idea, I then drew it out again on a piece of A6 sheet in next to the storyboard so the whole team could see it clearly.


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