Background development

These images are development pieces of the backgrounds for my final major project animation piece that have been worked on by Liam and Abi with direction and the character tests by me. These images where the developing stages of the backgrounds where both Liam and Abi took the notes we made and direction I had set them on and I left them to create some work to see where they would take it. Both came back with work that I had seen within my mind but it was then the case of getting them in the right place and getting the pieces to work together well.
The first image is something that Liam did as extra as an idea for the candy land area but we decided not to use it although it did look very nice, and it also contains the original Beans/Roo look before we had re-designed and re-named him. From these images though we could work out the tones and style and figure out if we were going in the right direction. Although the images from Liam where great, they where all slightly too dark apart from the lava background which fit perfectly. The only thing to do was to tone down the images and allow the characters to blend in with the environment better. The character tests allowed us to see whether or not the colours, line work and general design works with the rest of the animation and backgrounds. We got the chance to play with the line colour as well as other aspects of the design and this meant we could all quickly agree that the maroon outline worked well with the background and meant the black line work could be changed. This all meant that the characters would fit in with the surroundings better as well as mixing with the colour of the characters.

By now we had all decided the layout of the supermarket and that it would flow with the story. This meant it had to make sense with the path of the narrative as well as the path a normal supermarket would take in terms of its layout and placing. Once we had that down it meant that both Liam and Abi where able to develop the backgrounds with the rest of the layout in mind and know how they would get to that point.

Abi seemed like she enjoyed the sweets but it was nice to get an idea of the style and see if she knew what I meant with the style, line work and general look of the supermarket phase. The most difficult part was to explain the angles of the aisles that I had asked her to do for the end part of the animation. I had set similar tasks for each part of the team depending on what I needed them to do. With this I could see if the team knew what I wanted and what I meant when trying to explain various parts of the animation.


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