Animation Festivals!

Through out the project, I’ve been busy trying to find competitions that specialise in various art forms across film and animation. In order to figure out when I needed the animation done by, as well as having to understand the requirements of each festival as they all want different things. It was interesting to see what sort of demands each festival has. I’ve never looked a lot into the requirements and the process into entering festivals however with this project I knew I wanted to aim it specifically at film and animation festivals.

I found this website a little while ago through twitter which very usefully lists various festivals from all around the world, with anyone being able to add, edit or remove certain festivals in order to keep it up to date and holding a large variety. I’ve been able to go through a small part of the list and look out for specific festivals as well as find some new festivals I had yet to hear of.

Another recent find for keeping up to date with festivals is Film Festival Life. This has a huge catalogue of festivals with the dates, times and also being able to view them all in entry hand in dates.

As an addition to the actual website Film Festival Life notified me to this very comprehensive ‘animation festival list’ which I’ll have to get myself through very soon and try enter as many as possible. It’s great to see so many different animation specific festivals in one place and held all around then world. I’ve signed up and all ready to look through all the various festivals for some festival fun!

Below is the list I had created within my treatment for the festivals and other information I had gathered at the time for me to enter and also get a rough idea of most common deadlines and requirements. I was worried about blogging after looking at these websites and festivals with how much information I can give out as well as how much visual work I could put out before losing the ability to enter certain competitions. The competitions below are the main ones i had found or have thought about entering previously with the dates and websites.

Without a box…

Leeds Film Festival – 20 September
Edinburgh Film Festival – December
Animated Exeter – 1 November
Filmfest Hamburg – 28 July
Klik Amsterdam Animation Festival – 1 July
Anima Cordoba Animation Festival
Bristol Encounters – 3 June
Canterbury Anifest – 30 August

Next year… (look at in November)
Annecy – 15 February
China International Cartoon & Animation Festival
Norwich Film Festival – June
Holland Animation Festival – possibly Jan
Brussels Short Film Festival – possibly Jan 15

Check back…
Teeside Animex
Bradford Animation Festival
Royal Television Society

All Animated

It seems there are a few festivals that need to be paid when entering but luckily that isn’t all of them. It seems that the most common format ProRes or H.264 also when submitting but we will hopefully have things to send when submitting the film too.
Underneath is a quick screenshot of the massive list that I have also gathered of festivals and competitions that I will hopefully be aiming to enter within the next few months or early next year.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 12.18.50


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