Colour & Shape

Within the entire project, I’ve wanted to focus a lot more on the design of the colours and shapes within the animation and how they will feed the emotion, narrative and general look of the final animation. I wanted to play with what I had learned over the last year as well as the new understanding I have of the effects of shape, colour and screen direction within film theory and animation design. It was exciting to have also asked Liam and James who focus on graphics with some input in terms of colour as well as a little bit about general shapes as they have dedicated much more time than myself on colour theory and arrangement. It was a good chance to mix our understanding and areas of expertise with input and help from other members of the team. Below is the final document I created within Photoshop of the colours I had taken from the design direction images and sheets, and a useful website named that Liam had showed me whilst talking about it. I mainly just looked for similar colours to the one’s I had either seen or imagined within the animation and discussed how well they would or would not work.


Each Act has got their own individual shape and colour palette depending on the emotions and feel I wanted each part of the short to create. As I mentioned before on previous blog posts, the shapes than evolve through out the animation turning smoother and smoother as the kids get more comfortable in the environment and have more fun. This ideally makes the place feel more comfortable, soft and some what welcoming, until returning back to the real world.
The Character colour palette was the starting point for most of the characters colours although they changed since creating the image. At the time I did not have completed character designs so I decided just to make a general one with characters I knew I had a rough idea of. I do like the way the sheet turned out in the end and it was nice to see everything in contrast with one another with the shape progression through the animation. I wasn’t quite sure what I was really meant to put on the sheet apart from the shape and colour of the titled part of the details so I added the colour numbers and details under each colour for ease and trying to get all the information needed.


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