Character progression

From where we started with the characters I left Jade to the design work as I was interested to see where she would take the designs as I had laid out a general feel, shape and character profile although very simple. She came back with quite a few variations but we finalised on a few specific designs. As they are her work I don’t wont to blog or put up all of her drawings, but instead I will blog the almost finished character designs.
The three images below are of the almost finalised designs of Ella, Roo and Toby. I thought that these images where pretty much finished when I first got them as I felt that I just wanted to get the project started and didn’t want to leave the animating too long. But it seemed that I was simply in too much of a rush and after getting more people to look at the characters and explaining the story, it seemed as though a lot of people felt this wasn’t finished and that the characters where missing aspects or even some cases felt mixed. A lot of the really good feedback came back from the Animex again, mainly from creative professionals and other pupils there.

After having took on the notes and points that people raised with the characters, I created two character sheets. One sheet had all three characters as they were stood with one another in order to see if the characters worked together. The other sheet was made up of the three characters with changes in colour and slight design stood against one another to compare and contrast the styles once again.

From these I had then made another team meeting with Liam, Sacha, Hanna and James as Jade didn’t attend and Abi couldn’t make it. But I made a bunch of notes whilst talking to the team and Mike as well as taking in the advice from other creatives and people in general. I wrote lots of notes and then drew up some ideas and general doodles as points from the feedback in order to get a visual representation and then Liam also went and drew out some images just to show what he meant.


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