Supermarket fun

With the animation being set inside a supermarket, it would seem stupid not to get some primary research and make sure the story development and environment make sense and relate back to a supermarket. As most people in today’s world a supermarket is a very common place so it didn’t take too long before I went off and was able to get some footage for myself. These screenshots below are taken from the two video footage I took whilst in two different supermarkets whilst walking around.

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 14.22.05

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 14.22.56

I didn’t think it would be a good idea to walk around with a camera out and pointing recording so I simply just used my phone. I know that it seems quite strange to have to get footage of something so common within todays world, but it has been useful to get the angles and points I was thinking across. Below are links to two of the video footage I took on my phone of two supermarkets, the videos are unlisted and only viewed through the links below which goes on to YouTube.

Supermarket Footage #1

Supermarket Footage #2


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