Meeting one

I knew that if I wanted this project to work out, I needed to try to make sure my team and myself knew what I wanted, on how they felt about the story and images as well as knowing where we all where within the project.



These images are from the notes I had prepared for the first meeting and then later wrote on as notes from that first meeting I had with the team. These of course are only a few of the areas we had covered with me just going over the idea, style, story and the process that I would be undertaking to complete the animation. It was nice to get the views from all the different people and their expertise as the majority of the original team where from so many different courses covering Graphic Design, Digital Film, Games & Animation, Visual Communications, Art & Design Interdisciplinary and Interior Design.

Through out the project I’ve been able to have a few meetings but sadly not one where all the people were there at one go apart from the first one but I had been able to meet with a few of them at the same time as well as having a few days where myself, Liam, Hannah and James were able to work within the same room with Abi passing in and out every now and again. This was a very useful for me and the project and was a key point to the project that I knew I needed for it to work as well as learning so much from. This is something I will need to keep in mind for future projects as well as within my creative career as no doubt I will always be working with others, but I did find it difficult to keep everyone, myself and everything else organised and timed well with so many other things going on, as well as everyone having their own projects. It was great though to the feedback from everyone about the project as well as how the management went later on. I definitely realised how much work goes into being a Producer and Director especially within this project. It was great to have the advice as well from Animex and other creatives about leading such a project which I didn’t realise was going to be just so tough. A great thing that James had actually said whilst talking to him was about how it was interesting to see how we as students would work together as well as being from different courses. I know that everyone was busy on their own projects and it came at a very busy and somewhat awkward time but it was hard to get everyone involved and going as well as doing that for myself, so I know it may be a while until I do such a thing unless it’s really something everything has time for and what’s to really get involved in. Although I have enjoyed working with everyone and they have done a lot and a great job.


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