Liam’s Design Direction Sheets

When meeting up with everyone it was a really good time to clear out some ideas with the team and see what they think as well as asking them if they had any ideas for the animation from design to the shots within it. The majority of the help however was centered from their specialities so I pretty much dealt with the animation apart from the Yeti scene and its shots but with some help from Sacha along the way.

These design direction sets created by Liam for various other projects where of great help and he handed them over to me in order to help get some more ideas for designs going and to try maybe show what ideas he had to what I was asking of him. It was a really good mixture and had some of the styles I was thinking of anyway. The sheets weren’t all used the way that Liam put specifically on the sheets but they where very useful non the less. But it was really nice to get a mixture of ideas and see things I had never heard of with input from everyone and everyone getting to see what sort of things we all had in mind.

Below are some other new influences as from the post before on the original ones, these ones have come about from various places but all from other team mates mainly Sacha and Liam.


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