I was wanting to be a little bit more professional within this project with me having a team and such, so I decided to stat an expenditure sheet straight away with a bibliography however I haven’t actually touched the bibliography for a long time which is most likely a very very bad idea. But on the side of the expenditure, I was able to keep it very up to date as there was not much spent on the project after things I already had of course.


I may update another version of this with the expenditure showing the cost of everything we had used over the entire project in a more in-depth look into the costing if this was to be done off our own back and more professional setting. I’m pretty sure the expenditure would be a lot more than it shows above. It was good however to keep track of what I was getting and what I needed when looking at various things for the project. I am glad that the majority of the money was on trips and festivals which meant I could learn more from others, talk to others and just get to meet more people as that is something I see as just as important to the project than simply finishing it.


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