It was so long ago now, and I am ashamed to have had to leave it so long especially as it taught me so much and although there were some horrible times (nothing to do with Animex itself but more train issues) it was amazing and fun.

I would have loved to have done similar posts as Bradford Animation Festival with them day by day, but with so much going on the days and in my mind I think I would have exploded. It was a brilliant and such a large learning curve, it was definitely worth the time and money. I think you all get my drift at how awesome and how much of a mind blow it was with all the information and fun, but more to the point, there would be an insane amount to cover over those few days but the main points to take are all written down within the pictures below from all my notes taken from the festival. There was a lot to take in and the festival had a very large mix of areas that it covered over all which was really exciting and interesting.

The most valuable thing over the whole experience however was simply getting to meet and talk with more people both from industry and pupils or people learning animation, game or film in general. As you’d expect there was a lot of animation and game students out from Teeside University and some of them had amazing skills and talent so was really nice to meet up and in a way have a look at the sort of level that other students have.
With the list and backgrounds of all the speakers there, I knew there would be some amazing students too but all around it was a great mixture of skills and experiences, although most of the notes taken are for more practical parts to do with work, it seems like something you had to be there for to experience the feel, small chats and the speakers experiences and personalities. I’ll be definitely their next year but for now I’ll be looking over my notes! Please do share the notes if you’d like to as they say, sharing is caring and maybe see you their next year.


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