Developing the storyboard

Having got some feedback about the early development work on my animation, I went back to the storyboard and took a more classical and straight forward approach to creating the animation again. I went back and drew out the each frame of the storyboard onto seperate sheets of A6 pieces of paper. I tried to communicate the story as well as possible without having to explain too much of the story or without having to explain the shot.

The advice came about from Richard Franke, who I had thankfully met at Animex and was kind enough to spend a long time talking to me about my own work and more specifically, my final major project. It was really interesting to see the story all out on the wall and just being able to work with each frame by hand and even though this is a very old technique, it seems like a mad thing to miss, but I have been missing this and I regret not doing so earlier. It feels as though this is the most important change to the way I work as well as using Photoshop of course. This really made me understand the movement of the animation as well as taking the story apart and taking it a lot more seriously.
It’s such a cheap and simple way of getting the story out there and to let everyone clearly see, it feels as though it’s a crucial other part that seemed to develop the story and develop the team I had working on it. From this it moved on to using it as a large reference sheet as well as having very clear and simple animatic and scans to work from.

A good example of this is an image I took from the book ‘Paper Dreams’ which speaks about the art of the storyboard and story telling through Disney’s history.


This then went to another level in which I took them all home, blue tacked them nicely on my bedroom wall and stared at it for a good while. Although this did freak me out a little bit, I moved on to using small coloured stickers to indicate stages completed in terms of process. It’s been handy to keep track of what I have to do and what has been done, especially when there’s been moments here I’ve struggled with what to do or just hit an animation back wall.



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