Acting for Animators

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 19.59.02

I had the great pleasure of meeting Ed Hooks at Animex a few months ago and I was truly distraught that I missed out on his acting for animators class, which I will be sure to not miss out on next time! But from that, I realised that I was missing a very important book from my library of books that I have read or flicked through. I finally put myself into action and went to library to find the book and gave it a quick read as well as looking at the DVD.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 19.55.17

The book looks at a very different side to animation that I previously haven’t read up on much around which I have sadly neglected. It was interesting to see what Ed saw as important points of acting and how to incorporate that into animation in order to provide a believable and interesting performance. I never fully looked through and got a good grasp of the entire book, but the talk at Animex was more than enough for me to feel inspired and ready to do more animating. I’ll be expanding on the going’s on of Animex later although the blog posts are very late.



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