Original storyboard

Here’s where the whole visualisation began for the animation and where all the initial ideas started coming to light. I simply wanted to get the story down at first and didn’t really mind where I wrote it down on and how it was going to look, but this became a very important large sheet of paper to me and of course the project. I actually started the story at the end and worked my way backwards back to the beginning, thinking of what the narrative I was first and then moving on to the actual visualisation. I started pretty much the entire animation on small or just scrap bits of paper I kept on finding which I could write down more of the story or any ‘cool’ shots I had in my mind at the time.

Because I had some very specific design and aesthetic for the animation, once I had worked out what part of the story was going where and what was going to be involved; I moved on to deciding the style of shot and how I would show that specific moment or movement. This meant I could now start to play with the shots shape, size and movement. This is something I had not been able to play with before and only seen very rarely, as I will expand on within a later post. So I started to play with the composition and how I could best enhance the shot just using cropping and placing. The majority of the orientation of the shots I had originally planned have since stayed as I’ve been thinking about the use of the cropping for awhile so I already had some ideas. I ended up only changing slightly with some ideas being thrown about from some of the meetings and smaller talks with some of the team. As you can see above, the one that needed most work was of course Act 2, with it lacking in development simply due to the worry of what was going to have to be involved and this was not finalised until sitting down with Hannah and specifically talking about the story with her and then expanding that with Sacha. The reason for finalising the story with Hannah was because I had asked her to be in charge of animating the yeti. By this time I already knew I wanted to include a yeti and dragon. This of course has changed since, this with a short list of actions and moments have since been taken away from the story and are sadly no longer in it but will be placed into the ‘Making of…’ book hopefully at the end.

The biggest change that had occurred from this to the more improved storyboard was the inclusion of film direction and the changes to the characters which had occurred over this time as within this rough outline I was doing general shapes in order to get the story across I had yet any developed characters.


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