Mel Blanc

Speaking of sounds and an art form that isn’t recognised enough or at least something I haven’t given enough time to. I am somewhat ashamed I don’t know more about this genius of a man. He created something truly amazing a paved a different route for many voice actors out there. Having watched the documentary on Mel Blanc on YouTube as linked above, I realised just how much of an impact a person and a voice can be upon a piece of animation, and audience in general. It’s incredible to see the man’s talent and the actual amount of input he had in various childhood favourite characters and animations. I didn’t actually realise just how much this man had done within his career and how much he did for those around him.
As with Chuck Jones, the work that Mel Blanc had done for the animations have molded my own practice and definitely has heavily influenced the animation. I tried to apply some of the characteristics that Mel had brought to the characters as well as looking at those points that these earlier artists had mentioned which we could then build upon. Thinking about the audience, character and feel of every moment, movement and shape. Mel had an incredible story and background and a true arsenal of voices, sounds and pure humour. A voice not to be messed with or unheard, I think I’ve definitely found a new appreciation for sound within the days I had found the documentary about Mel Blanc and other sound artists be in voice, music or foley.

Something else I will looking out for soon is the documentary which will be coming out later this year about the art of voice acting. The documentary is all about putting a face to the voices we all know so well and love. For more information about it here’s a link to the documentary’s website,

Here’s the second trailer for the film which I found through watching the Mel Blanc documentary when I went on a character voice spree! It’s exciting, interesting and just fun to see those faces and find out who does what voice as well as how they do it.


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