Gary Hecker – Foley

A quick post about some amazingly creative people from the art of sound. Gary Hecker is a legendary foley sound artist and has worked in over 250 films starting in 1984 and still continuing to create foley sounds today as supervising foley artist on current films such as the soon to be released ‘Man of Steel’ film.

Gary Hecker’s iMDb information –

It’s great to see the man at work and interesting to hear how he creates some of the sounds or why he does so. It seems insane in which how he create such sounds with odd props, and his own voice. He seems to be able to utilise anything and everything around him. It seems as though if you wanted to be a foley artist, you’d need a big mix of music knowledge, film knowledge, animation knowledge. It seems an incredibly complex and large mixture of an incredible art form that people do seem to miss. This is something I have missed out on still within my animation that I plan on adding before handing the animation to festivals. I already know I most probably won’t have the sounds ready for hand in but I don’t intend to put the project down even after that.

His level of experience, expertise and simply pure skill is both exciting and interesting, something I will have to develop and look in to even further myself in the near future. I’ll be busy creating these foley myself soon and will be thinking about different things I can use for the sound and similar things, using the colleges sound booth. I’ll hopefully be able to grab Danny whilst doing this and create our own personal library of sounds we can use in the future too.


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