So I’m back to actually getting some blogging done but I’ve been so wrapped up on my actual practical work I’ve neglected the blogging! So here we go again!

These screenshots below show some of the later issues I came across within the project, at first I thought there wasn’t much left with the characters to develop and felt as though they would fit within the visuals we had. Myself and Liam had tested out the look of the characters slightly early but I had failed to notice the issues at hand with Ella.
Not until I was animating did I realise how unhappy I was with the whole look and felt a little down about the project. I had hit a bit of a wall within the easter holidays and this came about to the changes and develop you can see below.

I played with a few different ideas but nothing had really stuck until Sacha had calmed me down and simply asked what I wanted about the project and remember the visuals I wanted about the project in the first place. The talk woke me up a little bit and set me back on track with slight changes and bringing the animation, back to what I originally wanted and saw in my mind. We’ve taken the development and look even further and I feel much more happy and comfortable with this change in style and look. The other two characters of course had to also change slighty and develop in order to fit in with the entire animation better.
The sketchy style was kept due to the previous influences I’ve had and the defining fact that I love the fact you can see the rough, raw and messy lines that sometimes feel as though there’s more weight and movement within them. I’ll develop on this idea and tests further in a later post.


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