Early Influence

Screen shot 2013-03-30 at 17.08.36

With this being such a personal project, the influences that have developed and created it have spanned across a vast range of places, times and experiences. Of course it’d be simply too crazy to put up all the design direction influences, which I’ve taken a screenshot of above, but I do have some specific images similar to the animations that have driven this project in a certain direction as well as something for the rest of the team to work off of. The list of images and different images have of course since amassed since then and grown even more since I had taken the screenshot above. As well as this, there are of course influences that I may not realise but have placed in to the animation but some of these I have taken into account and realised later and will be expanding in a later blog post.

The images above had a more significant impact on the animation than many others and I used these ones as a starting point for the team to work from. The majority of the images were taken due to the visual style and colours used within them. The biggest part I was thinking about at the time was the visual style and aesthetic of the entire animation, whether it would work in terms of a hand drawn, pastel style imagery with vibrant and very different colours. These are all, once again, things I’ve always wanted to touch upon and work on but never really had the opportunity to do so. All the characters are also quite similar with a child friendly quality that utilizes the colours, shape and drawn style or sense. The image ‘wolf_brutal_moineau’was most likely the one we spoke about the most and developed our stuff around.


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