From Beans to Roo

From the start of the project I had a general idea of how I wanted the characters to be and what I wanted them to or at least what they will be in terms of character and personality. The only issue with this is that I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to present these characters as well as the smaller details. This is where the input of Jade came in with her having focused a few modules now on character design.
At first I thought the characters came out quite well as she developed some of her own ideas and then merged them with the general look I wanted. Although in the end is has come back to quite a lot of how I quickly sketched at first, I was hoping and interested in the creative input and perspective from Jade looking to see if there something I was missing or build from each other. Although at first I felt like the character’s where complete or at least nearly done, it seemed as though people didn’t feel the same after looking at other people’s reactions and take on the characters.

Names in particular had a very quick turn around as these weren’t something I was really focusing on. It seemed as though most people didn’t agree with ‘Beans’ as it gave off the wrong impressions which I understood afterwards and changed it to Reuben or for short, Roo. He was also the character to have the biggest change as people felt confused towards him and Ella who both seemed to have sex changes. This was when I tried to have a small meeting with the team but sadly only a few people turned up, with two having let me know they where otherwise busy but myself, Liam, James, Sacha and Hannah, had gone back and looked at why they didn’t work as well as taking in feedback from creatives at Animex who I had met as well as my tutors.

From the drawings above I listed certain points that we really needed to sort out and pay attention too. It was an annoying moment to have noticed such simple details and points that originally wanted had gotten lost but luckily Jade had the time to do the much-needed changes to the characters which I think turned out much better for everyone.
With simple changes as the most important such as, head shapes, head sizes and proportions being the main points that needed to be taken in. It was Roo with his hair and facial style though that needed to be changed straight away.


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