Research & Development

I’ve been really busy the last few weeks developing a large amass of research and design work for the animation which I was able to put into a fairly long presentation not too long ago. The majority of drawings have been done by the names listed as I want to focus on the animation, but was led by myself with input from the creators.


Above is a link to download the presentation in a .Pdf format. Just as a warning now, the file is quiet large as there’s so many images as well as a lot of information with such a large team. It covers the main points within the research and development with areas such as the initial drawing work, designs, planning and some design direction work. Only some of the information was put into the presentation and not quiet everything was able to go in just because of the size.

It was great to see it all put together in some form of order but put into my mind the scale and amount of work ahead as well was a little daunting. Again not everything is within the presentation but everything that I felt needed to be in for now to show the direction I’ve been going towards as well as what everyone has been working on. I’ll still be posting on some of the areas mentioned to expand on some of the points, but of course I’ve been moving further and further into the actual production side of the animation now.

But if you do download the .pdf I hope you do enjoy and the whole thing looks interesting.


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