I apologise now for people reading this post, as it will be a lot of rambling and evaluation of my progress of leadership so far through the project as a reflective process. So for those who aren’t too interested in reading this one, don’t worry I’ll pictures up soon!

Leading an entire project is something very new to me and is something I’ve mentioned before or at least touched upon within previous posts.
I don’t feel as though the project management has actually gone as I originally planned. This is due to various things coming up both from events that I have attended and just general people who I had asked to work on the project. I think it was a tough thing to try to trust people in helping me with the project and in some cases it just fell apart or I felt some what let down, but what it is with the majority of the people involved is that, this is just another part of their final major project or is just to help and can not put in so much time to help me. I didn’t lead the team well enough at the beginning which led to the misunderstanding near the start which is something I must learn from, this lack of control and show of understanding of what I wanted was what lacked from the start of the project. Having now resolved my own questions I understand what went wrong at the very beginning.
Faith and trust for both the team and the leader is such an important thing that I think I value the most from this project. Although there are faults from myself and from team mates it seems as though I’ve learnt and understood the idea of not having the freedom to just work at my own pace as well as being able to communicate the idea and where I need to be with people very clearly. I did neglect to keep everyone ‘in the loop’ which has been hard as it’s tough to keep everyone on the same page, but it’s been defiantly the biggest learning curve as I don’t just have to deal with the animation itself but the process behind it. This has allowed me to also develop my own level of understanding of what is needed to create an animation and the process in order to help guide those who otherwise wouldn’t know.


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