Facebook groups

In terms of communicating with the team, it’s been very important for me to try and keep in contact with everyone and allow everyone to see, know and give input into what is going on. I wanted to make sure that the project was fun for me and for everyone involved and that it would have some form of input from everyone in order to create something truly exciting.
The use of social media has been more important than ever and I’ve tried to expand my use to other ways than just Facebook, although it is a very key medium.

I’ve set up two groups since the start of the project in order to keep things organised and flowing with the people needed within each group. In order to make sure I don’t spam out other people’s information or Facebook stuff I’ve just screen captured one of the posts and the group titles for the Facebook groups. It’s been a great help as it’s not just the development or points I’ve put up but also other people’s work, input or notifications such as when Hannah told us about the family screening of short animations.

As I mentioned before though, it isn’t just Facebook that I’ve been trying to utilise. Other key mediums which I have grown very accustomed to are, Dropbox, Skype, Google File Share, WeTransfer and Hotmail. Although these are very common for most people now, I didn’t use them all and I know most of the people involved didn’t use them all as well but they have been very important tools, especially with such a large team. I really would advise everyone to start using these things more and it is insane how much information can be transferred so easily and in so many ways today.


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