Character Design Pro tips

A short post but very important and great tips for character design both human based and animal based characters. Taken from several different artists specialising in slightly different creative areas, these two posts ask what are the top dos and don’ts of character design. All together the two posts raise 40 points looking into character design, and what is needed to have a good well designed character.

Thoughtful stuff to keep in mind on my future character design en-devours, although I left most of the character design for my final major project to Jade, I’ve still made slight changes in the end to simply make sure that the characters fit with the environment and the original idea I had in mind. At the end of it all, it wasn’t anyones fault but my own as I know I still haven’t got all the experience I need to lead a team as I plan to originally. I had the rough layout as I had seen but with people not being able to spend as much time as I would have prefered due to their own projects and commitments, which is understandable, certain areas that usually would have more development haven’t had the time.


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