Early inspiration

Here’s some of the early background and animation inspiration I had found just in order to start the ball rolling.
I first showed these to the group in order to get a general sense of the style, experiments and design I was roughly thinking of at the beginning. It would be a weird mixture and blend of these animation and influences with the more standard larger production animations as influence.

Mainly for its brilliant animation and narrative, Out of Sight is one of my all time favourite animations and most likely I will have mentioned it before, but more than ever has this animation come up and have I put it towards my work.

Another one of my favourites, Metro caught my attention on Vimeo for its fun use of composition of the framing as well as the characters and its general art style which works really well with the style of animation. The cropping of the frames is something I have mentioned within previous projects but something I’ve never been able to experiment with and I feel as though this will be my only time for a while to be able to solely focus on having a fun time playing with all these interesting ways of animating and showing my animations before thinking about future prospects.

METRO from Jacob Wyatt on Vimeo.

Adventure Time has been my most favourite animated series this year and pretty much everyone knows it, but when it comes to Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, he hasn’t just been busy doing that one animation. Bravest Warriors is a new jem from Pendleton Ward and it is a key style as use to look at colour and humour style with its wacky and fun approach to narrative and animation.

This was just a small link that Sacha had found and sent my way in order to get an idea of a very simple style of background that was something I was thinking of for my fmp.



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