Writing professional treatments

One thing that I’ve never had to deal with in any of my projects is to create a film treatment for the entire story. So I mainly started my development within the research of what a film treatment is and how they are written professionally.

I started right at the basics and looked at what exactly a film treatment is and what it is meant to entail. Using Google as my best friend for this, I went towards looking up what it is and more specifically used Wikipedia as a port of call.


After understanding what the film treatment is used for and how they are proposed, I went on to the actual detailed structure and content. These two websites in particular where incredibly useful when identifying what exactly I needed to put into my treatment and the approach I should take in clarity and presentation. They both build upon similar ideas but again as with most things within the creative industry there’s many ways to do the same thing and it is each to their own.




It’s clear though through looking at these web pages and various other web pages and books, that there’s a common layout and usual headers that need completing. This would be:

Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
The story itself


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