Book reviews and Art of Books…

Below is a link to a website detailing personal reviews done by the blogger in which he looks into various art books, and what I specifically went on for, the ‘Making of…’ books from various animations and films.

A book that caught my attention in particular was the Making of book of Dreamworks most recent venture ‘Rise of the Gaurdians’. Although the film itself did not do well, I personally didn’t find the film that bad. Although it had some issues for its main audience perhaps, the animation, style and narrative was enjoyable to me. This page depicts the sort of play on colours and imagery that I really liked about the film. It’s very important to note the films use of colour and shape to determine the characters and already give the audience a sense of what the characters are like and how they may feel about them just from having a general sense of a shape. After having a look at the book though I felt really confused as to how it didn’t do so well in terms of ratings and profit for Dreamworks, with its level of detail and great use of colour and tone. This of course may be due to something else and I don’t really intend to look into that part of the film.

The Art of Rise of the Guardians

I really liked the difference in style throughout the art work for the film as well as the new approach upon such well-known characters. The art style is a contrast and exaggeration that I would love to capture in my animation or even within future animations as I believe this would compliment the more exaggerated and expressive animation style I wish to capture so much of.
I may just have to simply get this book because it looks brilliant. If you ever have some time and perhaps wish to buy some of these other ‘Making of..’ books then do check out the gentleman’s blog linked at the top, he has a lot of reviews but even if you don’t want to read the reviews, he places a few images of the books so you can get a good idea. Happy reading…


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